Sure is a pleasure.

In honor of President’s Day, the presidents of the Republic of Texas!

There’s David G. Burnet, interim president until the first election. Impressively, he lived until the age of 82.

Next is the one you’ve actually heard of, Sam Houston. He was the first (real) and third president, among many other things for the state. He was governor when the Civil War started, and was kicked out of office because he knew it was a dumb idea to join the Confederacy. It’s actually a really nice story and it makes me sad. He died in Hunstville before the war was over.

Then come Mirabeau B. Lamar. Basically he’s remembered for fucking up with the Santa Fe expedition. But apparently his life after the presidency wasn’t too bad.

Oh Anson Jones. He was president for about two months and was basically just there to oversee the annexation of Texas. He didn’t really have a political carrer after that, and ended up shooting himself in Houston.

… in conclusion, don’t become a president of Texas. There’s a fifty/fifty chance you’ll get jilted in some way and die.

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